Marquee Types & Sizes

The Clearspan Marquees supplied by I Do Marquees, along with fitted extras such as Panels, Windows, Linings, Sashes and Flooring all make to turn a basic marquee into something special! For further decorative accessories, don’t forget to view our price list. Please feel free to enquire with any queries you may have with regard accessories.

About Clearspan Marquees

I Do Marquees mainly offers Clearspan Marquees. Clearspan simply means that there are no poles in the middle to support the roof. allowing greater flexibility of interior space. Additionally, a clearspan marquee does not need guy ropes to anchor the marquee to the ground and this is a clear safety benefit – particularly when evening and/or visibility is impaired.

They are manufactured in aluminium frames and erected in modular sections, allowing us to supply exactly the right size for your event. The covers are attached via a series of channels on the aluminium poles and these are then secured using a simple bungee system or, in the case of wall panels, are secured by a simple system of ties feed through eyelets.

Anchoring your marquee to the ground depends on the type of surface beneath it. A grass surface involves large pins being hammered in to the feet of each marquee section, whereas a concrete surface will either involve the feet being bolted to the ground or, in locations where bolts are not practical, then heavy weights are attached to the frame work to prevent movement.

Side Panels, Windows & Ceilings

The wall panels in Clearspan marquees can be solid or can incorporate windows and we offer two styles of window, Gothic or Georgian.

Linings & Sashes

Inside the marquee, depending on your type of event, you may wish to have the interiors lined with sashes to give a little more elegance to your function. Invariably, wall linings are either white or Ivory, but there are a host of other colours that are available. The walls are then topped off with swags, which again come in a variety of colours.

For marquees that are having a band or disco inside, we can also offer a ‘starlight roof’. This is a blacked out lining which has a series of LED lights woven into the fabric and gives the illusion of dancing under a night sky.


There are two main types of floor covering for your marquee: Coconut Matting and Event Carpet.

Coconut Matting is the cheaper option and helps to create a more rustic feel to your marquee. Normally, the matting is laid directly onto a grass surface after we have laid a polythene membrane on the grass to prevent too much moisture from coming up through the matting

The alternative to coconut matting is Event Carpet. All of our carpets are supplied new to every client and are discarded at the end of the event. These carpets can be supplied in a range of colours to suit your theme. Depending on the time of year, carpet can be attached straight onto grass, as long as the grass is dry and very short. In the event that the surface is either uneven or the ground is wet, we strongly urge our customer to have a wooden floor installed prior to carpet fitting, especially between the months of September and May. This does increase the cost but does result in a secure, flat floor for your guests.


Our Clearspan marquees are modular, and can be designed to fit most spaces. We offer 6m, 9m and 12m wide variations of the Clearspan marquee and each width can be increased in length from 3m to 40m or more if you need it. If your garden or venue is not the perfect rectangle or has the odd tree in the way then don’t worry, all widths can be ‘bolted on’ to each other, making this type of marquee truly flexible.

Take advantage of our free site visit and we will measure your venue, design a marquee using our scaled computer package and you’ll be amazed at what can actually be achieved.


Because our marquees are modular – so are the prices. Most of our customers like to get an idea of the likely costs before their site visit, so here are a couple of pointers before you click on the links below to find our pricing chart.

  1. You will need to know your available space in metres
  2. You will need to have an idea of how many guests

Don’t Forget the Extra’s

  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Linings – White, Ivory or Starlight
  • Accessories
  • Mobile Bar
  • Heaters
  • PA Hire
  • Dance Floor
  • Stage
  • Bar Provision
  • Furniture (tables & chairs)
  • Toilets (we can put you in touch with a reputable supplier)
  • Power Supply